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MEDICS in Dorchester are using cutting edge lasers to treat patients with kidney stones. They are firing up the beams in the urology unit at the Dorset County Hospital as it deals with kidney, ureteric and bladder ailments. The holmium laser fragments very tough stones and treats urinary tract problems. Patients previously would have to go to larger hospitals in London or Bristol but most can now be dealt with in Dorchester. Naveed Afzal, who is consultant urological surgeon at the Dorset County Hospital, said: 
“Offering the best level of patient care requires two key ingredients. 
“The very best trained medical staff using the latest proven techniques and equipment. 
“Our urology unit now has the capability to treat a range of different urinary tract issues, offering our patients the latest medical treatment and care.
“The laser is a key part of this and the fact that it’s specifically upgradeable means we’ll maintain this cutting edge ability in the years to come.”
The laser is already used by leading urologists in the United States to treat urinary stone diseases. It has been approved by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence and is being introduced at major hospitals in Europe.
The laser bolster the arsenal of medical equipment in the urology department. Treatments include ultrasonic waves to fragment stones and delicate key-hole surgery for removing problematic build-ups.

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